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Obama! Clinton! Kerry! McCain!
Patterson the Ambassador to Egypt! BBC? CNN? Aljazira? Initiatives and Policies

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Rafik G. Baladi

Sight of Old  Cairo, (Fustat and Christian)
Followed by modern Cairo
From the gardens of the Citadel of Salah-El-Din Al-Ayouby

Following the vibrant, sweeping and roaring victory 
Of 88 million Egyptians, united under God: 
Muslims and Christians, on June 30, 2013
Over the "hijackers" of the January 25, 2011th revolution
Despite all rotten politics and their failed demons; 
Demons that have been seeking to instill terror 
Between Egyptians for eight decades
Burning their Cultural heritage, hospitals and research centres
Killing thousands of Egyptians, starting January, 2011
Claiming that it was Mubarak's party who did not want do cede power
When he had never messed with social cohesion 
Over his 33 years of rule

With you Misters:
McCain, Kerry, Anderson Cooper, Joe Lieberman 
As well as Mrs. Clinton and others
Standing in the midst of Tahrir Square in 2011
Celebrating a fictitious baloney Spring
Amidst hundreds of thousands of Egyptians
(Not far from were I was standing)
And over thirty thousand aliens
Varying from illegally freed ex-convicts to...
Their liberators (who forced opened their jails) from Hamas, Chechnya  
And  some brain-washed Egyptian youth
As well as hundreds of slaughtered innocent Egyptian youth 
Who were the ones to trigger the revolution seeking social change
But found themselves losing their lives to deadly aliens
Paid and brokered by foreign politicians
Fighting them (the armless civilians) with western arms

You (the misters and Mrs. Clinton and others)
Were only a few hundred feet away from the slaughtered
You were standing as silent witnesses to death
Preparing to throw the axel
On the neck of Egyptian identity, cohesion and sovereignty
With a forged new extremist non-elected government
And watch them suffer for the last two years
And hundreds of years, thereafter

(Let alone the failed 1956 assault on Egypt's Suez Canal)
By UK, France and Israel
With America standing silent
(Had it not been for Canada's Honourable Lester B. Pearson) 
Who intervened to avert a catastrophe in 1956 earning the Noble Prize

And now, you foreign politicians and partners 
Of the thousands of aliens, [not millions] infiltrated in Egypt
With western arms and dollars 
Continue to stand, silent to the slaughtering of youth
Not only in Syria but now, in Egypt
The cutting of their hands and toes and, oh, 
The 88 million Egyptian free citizens' 
You brag about their:
"...Incompetence and incomprehension of what true democracy is";
...a democracy that suits the whims and bank accounts of
corrupt and greedy politicians 
...And their alien terrorists; in the holy land of Egypt

Oh Egypt

...The land of Abraham, Jacob, Joseph the Tribe
...his children Menasce and Ephraim, born in Egypt;
...The land of Moses and Jeremiah, 
...The land of Jesus, the holy mother, Joseph the escort
...The land of Saint Mark the Evengelist;
...The land of Saint Catherine of Alexandria 
...The land of Amr Ibn El-Ass founder of Islam in Egypt
...The land of Egyptian scientists, physicians, poets and musicians!
...The graveyard for millions of:
Egyptian Jews, Pharoes, Greeks, Christians and Muslims
From thousands of years!
Not Chechnyans, Hamas or American politicians!
A fertile soil for an eternal bouquet of intertwining scents
Oh Merciful God! 

Christ's Hiding-Place, in Mataryia (a suburb of Cairo)
Where he stayed with the holy family
(amidst fourteen shelters in Egypt)
He blessed Egypt (His people; all its people)

You (the alien politicians and journalists) continue to stand silent,  
Or you engage in secret deals with your 
...New Muslim Brothers/Al-Qaeda friends
You claim you know it all, far better than the free 88 million Egyptians

You condemn Egyptian notion of democracy 
You preach how aspirations SHOULD BE!
But you got used to breaking and rebuilding nations
At the detriment of  their genuine passions and roots
To suite your whims for Egypt (Syria and the Middle-East)
To break Egypt to Islamic Emirates and Coptic towns
Contrary to the will of 90% of Egyptian Muslims and Christians
So as to control Sinai and the Suez Canal
That was built by Egyptian blood
That swallowed 37,000 Egyptian lives 
As they were  constructing it in 1869
While Britain and France stood still but colonized Egypt 
With no compensation to the families of the deceased, till this day!
With no royalties or passage fees to Egypt, until 1956
When late President Nasser nationalized the canal 
Bringing it back to Egypt
Because, prior to that, you kept all passage fees for you...

Oh these new aliens and their partnering politicians
Are demons that strive to conquer 
A creation of God (Egyptians... of all shades and faiths)
Who were and are blessed, repeatedly, in the Holy Bible
Claiming (The demons) that they (Egyptians) are bad... 
Just like they claimed Iraqi's had weapons of mass destruction, 
And so on and on and on...
When they (Egyptians) had done nothing to the Americans
They even loved them until January, 2011
Before America's invasive politics to instill aliens in Egypt 
Dressed and trained as Egyptians but fighting a new cold war

Hiring these aliens to the motherland of Egypt 
To its kind people, to its young entrepreneurs, shops 
Restaurants, parks and groceries
Hiring them from Hamas, Chechnya and foreign militias 
Dressed as Egyptians, is a war crime
Politically (though wrongfully) these aliens are acknowledged as 
Muslim brothers, Salafists, believers or whatever
Otherwise known as "Freedom Fighters" to some networks
And their journalistically challenged reporters
Better described as the soldiers of the US Dollar, 
To All Egyptians
Considered to have broken God's Commandments:
1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

Paid in tens of billions of US dollars to break Egypt
To assassinate innocent Egyptians
Using the name of God in vain
Breaking the sovereignty of Egypt

To turn it into another slaughter house
Another Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan
Crushing its people's passions and roots
Struggling to demolish their heritage and future, in vain
People who have always shared (and still do) the same 
Love for God, Language, meals, songs and hopes
For centuries
By enflaming (foreign politicians and their alien partners)
... religious polarization
Instead of evading unwanted panic...

Shot of Alexandria's downtown glorious
2000 years old (Alexander the Great) seaway and its caf├ęs

In a new filthy cold war
Towards a fatal roadway
The extent of which would turn to irreversible damage
Just to invade Egypt and cease her Holy Sinai
If not, otherwise, stopped by the Egyptians
And then, after the demise and the death 
Of hundreds of thousands of Egyptians (as with Syria)
If not millions 
Ask the Egyptians to "Come to papa...
Come to America and the British
Because we [the politicians] love you...
And want to teach you democracy!
And even give you $1.3 billion US dollars 
From US tax-payers money, to help you"
When you (foreign politicians) are really giving out 
Tens of billions to destabilize Syria and Egypt, killing so many
To cease the Egyptian Sinai (In vain)
And to ruin its (Egypt's) earnest and struggling economy
You hide the payment of those 40 billion dollars from your citizens...

STOP IT, for God's sake

Stop having the US ambassador to Egypt
Meet the alien extremists, secretly, to break Egypt
Because Egyptians know she does
Let alone nurturing their billions of US dollars 
In European banks 

Because you failed to divide the people of Egypt
And succeeded to wage your war using religion
Having non US or UK soldiers (aliens to Egypt) to do the job
Starting another Killing Campaign
Such as in Syria, Iraq, Vietnam, Congo
And so many more... Oh your history!
Oh how pathetic!

The Seycamore fruit tree
(At the Mataryia shelter for the holy family, one of 14 shelters in Egypt)
They fed on it for a while
The people of Egypt protected the holy family
And Christ blessed her people (His people, all her people)

What will you tell God (if) you meet him one day
Do you know God?
Thou shalt not kill (He said)
Have you? 
A hundred thousand in Syria already died
And just as much in Iraq
How many more in Egypt?

Christ's manger in His shelter
At Matariya (Cairo), Egypt

Why suddenly entrust the assassins of President Sadat
And rapers of Egyptian women and little boys
Whom you once claimed to condemn
Why entrust them with running a great Egypt
Only adding insults to sixty years of her people's injuries

You have a lot of mending to do with Egypt
Let alone, with God
Are you up to it?
Of course not... 
The Lord is our Shepherd
We shall not want!

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Egypt and the absurdity of imposed democracy

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Yesterday I woke up with a heavy laden heart. I snapped back to 60 ears of passions and roots; I plunged into a stream in profound sentiments- mostly of hazy thoughts, forbidden love and intense nostalgia. I was gasping for air, sweating unlike other moments of typical yearning for the childhood memories. But then, I asked myself what was it that made me so proud to be an Egyptian and why do I lament the unattainable past… “Why [I though] can I not accept the fact that we grow old and nations develop but what we have will never go away; it is inherent within us?”

On the radio, I listened to Schubert’s trio for piano, cello and violin and, while (alas) sobbing, I remembered walking in the streets of Cairo in January and February 2012 and, just as well, the year before, at the same time. I would walk for hours in Ataba, El-Waily, El-Ghoureya, Abbasseya, Heliopolis, Zamalek, Guiza and Old Cairo, searching for something I could no longer find. In 2011, for example, I searched for Egyptians… But they were gone! Heritage sites were demolished. And, those I met had sets of eyes that were far from fixed. They would not notice me as I conversed with them. They were elsewhere and I felt lonely. True a few church bells rang at times and calls for prayer sang, at others, compelling many to their worship houses at the scheduled times; but I still felt lonely. Some did not, even, notice the calls for prayer, others almost ran me over with their stupid Toctocs vehicles or their miserable none-plated motor-bikes- mostly juveniles! “Was I aging quickly? Had I become intolerant?” I wondered and asked myself? Was I suddenly realizing that at sixty, things had to be dark? Would I have to carry this burden for good?  

Sinai Desert 2008

In 2012, I listened to an Egyptian appointed executive political head in his first speech to the Egyptians after the revolution of January 2011… His very first words were “My tribe and brethren….” And I felt lonely again. Last week I heard another cleric instructing the Christians of Egypt to behave or bare the consequence of the alleged truth that they were only four million but that Egypt had eighty million Muslims that could sweep them (if the Christians did not behave). And I felt lonely… And I wondered why? What right did he give himself to assume that eighty million Muslims would agree to sweep harmless Christians any more than his right to overlook the commitment of the actual sixteen million or so, Egyptian Christians to defend the eighty million Muslims, trusting that the latter (the Muslims) would, undeniably, protect the first (the Christians), equally. And I felt lonely… I continued to hear Schubert’s trio, trying to make sense!

Sinai Desert 2008

And then, this week I heard famous worldwide TV networks praise a new Egypt under Morsi, an Egypt of unity and social cohesion, and I felt lonely, mocked and betrayed. After this, I plunged further back to the late nineties, when I would return from Canada to my childhood neighbourhood in Heliopolis, Cairo, and visit my childhood stores; the butcher, the grocer, the baker and the plumber. I will never forget how they treated me, upon my return after immigration. One of them, for example, called Am-Ahmed (Uncle Ahmed) shouted when he saw me return after ten years of absence: “Ibn Al-Ghaly?” which meant son of the precious (referring to my elderly dad, George). And he hugged me tenderly, bringing my proud eyes to the brink of disaster. And there were numerous cheers by so many other store- workers. I even found various Jasmine trees, still spread around, as before, in Heliopolis, (my childhood neighbourhood)… and I felt so overwhelmed and included, then, in 1998.

Suddenly, I was capable of answering my first question, as to why I am so proud to be Egyptian. But what happened this year? Where have we gone? Struggling, relentlessly, to find an answer to my second question, as to why I had such a heavy-laden heart, I was, finally, able to see light… and solve the Riddle, if you will.  And here it is: Amidst all compelling religious rituals, political analysis, threats, stupid delivery (none-plated)  motorcycles, driving ruthlessly over harmless citizens; amidst those extinguished eyes as cold as the piercing February desert winter… there were no more Am-Ahmed…s; not even Jasmine trees; simply pretence, chills and sadness… And I realized that the reason for my solitude amidst eighteen million Egyptians in Cairo (not to mention other cities), politics, religion, delivery juvenile motorcycles had become the rule but that tenderness, identity and humanity, were simply, proportional! Alas. When will they come back… my heart can not take it anymore! But the youth of Egypt has stood and promised to reclaim Egypt, its land, its soul and its identity... I see light in the air; I may still laugh again; perhaps...

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Egypt and the absurdity of imposed democracy

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A moment of truth to my Egypt and the world! Do not be misled by media coverage that uses such inflammatory slogans as Morsi hails a new era for Egypt; A new democracy for Egypt, etc... My foot! Keep your heads up, forever!

The glorious old Cairo Opera House
Inaugurated 1869, burnt 1971 (Photo 1966, Circa)

The majority of Egyptians believe that Morsi is not the legitimate president of Egypt. They believe that neither he nor his party can be. World media does not have the right to claim so. Over 80% of Egyptians believe that Morsi has been imposed on Egypt by super powers; the same super powers that brokered a deal with armed terrorist groups from Hamas, Chechnya, Libya and Al-Qaeda to set loose the current ruling folks in early 2011. These folks threatened to slaughter (in Arabic Mazbaha) Egyptians who oppose them. They did so before the presidential elections in 2012, which they lost to Mr. Ahmed Shafik but they were elected against the will of Egyptians. The same happened with the referendum following the ridiculously constructed constitution that was conceived, stealthily, by a panel of one hundred of the new party (currently limping, staggering and shaking with resignations and scandals).  Most of them are directly linked to the assassins of President Sadat; God bless his soul! Consequently Morsi and his referendum have NOT been elected by the majority of Egyptians or even by any close to 30%

Beloved national Egyptian icon Mustafa Kamel historic statue
Who led the plight to free Egypt from British occupation (1882)
In the heart of Cairo! Pictured in 2009

Beloved national Egyptian icon Mustafa Kamel historic statue (1882) 
From a different angle
Covered by the Muslim Brothers in 2012. Pictured in 2013

If the world media counts on the fact that the majority of Egyptians are of Muslim faith to help them in their declared assumptions that Morsi and the referendum for his constitution have been chosen by Egypt, let it be careful. The media would need to stretch  its analysis in a comprehensive manner; one that would cover genuine threats and violence by this new party and its thugs in order to, if at all, suggest to the world that there may be, at least public fowl play and coercion! But the world media has not covered these facts and the world could still be misled. After all, the majority of Egyptian Muslims vowed to protect their fellow Christians from such barbaric threats or intrusive foreign policy! (Aliens in Egypt are not included in this count)

The good news, is that just as Egyptians families have conquered the assaulting troops of, Persians in the battle of Cambyses in 334 BC, Napoleon Bonaparte in 1803 in the city of Abu-Kier in Alexandria and just as they have liberated their land from one hundred and fifty years of British colonialism (in 1954) or from the tripartite aggression on Egypt in 1956 or even dared the world and called for peace with Israel, so too, have the Egyptians vowed to liberate their land from a rule that has been chosen to them by some super powers.

The Egyptians, of all faiths, shall have no armed outsider, especially with strange clothes, smell and accent; drag them so low, as to cede their priceless seven thousand years old tree of fruits, culture, heritage, gentle differences, love and faith to a party of thugs; a party that keeps threatening to slaughter the opposition, a party backed by some lukewarm, colourless and odourless superpowers; a party that is not Egyptian; a party that is backed by none Egyptians and armed to slaughter Egyptians who planted mother tree; Egypt!

2009 view of Alexandria's shore
Citadel of Sultan Qaitbay (AD 1477) far left

Enough is enough… really! This is the land of Egypt, as if Hyksos, Persian, Roman, Arab, French and English conquests, across the millenniums have not sucked the wealth of Egypt enough; let alone some pharaohs and dictators. The Egyptians will rekindle the lustre of their mother tree, together, and they will have no imposter break them apart! May God bless Egypt and all beautiful Egyptians!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Obama and Clinton Tactics for Egypt

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Alexandria Ramleh Beach Panorama (Nicopolis, AD 30)

Rafik Baladi, July 15, 2012: Secretary of State Hilary Clinton visited Egypt, yesterday, on July 14, 2010, allegedly because she cared about the move towards democratic transition that, somehow, claimed that all Egyptian parliamentary and presidential polls favoured the Muslim Brotherhood and other extreme Muslim players (such as the Salafists). She met the new “…democratically elected Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi” for serious talks “… in favour of Egypt”. She was received with open arms by many advocates of the new party and was resisted by some rotten tomatoes, potatoes and a few shoes in Alexandria by demonstrators that condemned both the newly declared romantic business friendship between USA and the allegedly “…democratically elected new party and parliament”. These demonstrators, also, condemned the actions and threats of this party (and its advocates) that was repeatedly reported to have assaulted hundreds of Egyptians in Tahrir Square in Cairo including the Christians of the Alexandria 2010 church massacre,those of the Egyptians of the Cairo Maspero massacre and elsewhere in Egypt, let alone (the democratically elected party's) threats to demolish cultural heritage sites (amongst others and resorting to violence (slaughter), in the event it did not win power.

And this is the question! Today, Sunday, July 15, 2012, I was watching CNN News-Hour around 6.15PM Eastern meantime; and I saw an interesting exchange of ideas between the CNN news anchor (a smiling lady with a blue necklace, whose name I don't not know and am not interested to know... Possibly, Erin Burnett) and the reporter (probably in Egypt) and her name is Elise Labott (I hope I am spelling her name right; although I don’t care). Both ladies mentioned statements like “… lack of respect to the Senator; the Egyptians don’t understand that this visit was meant to enforce the new allegedly democratic transition, amongst others”. And I did not care for their incomprehensive analysis because it was narrow and failed to mention that the horror of the Alexandria’s demonstrations was not because it lacked respect or because of incompetence.  

It was far more than that! I found it condescending, judgemental and non-factual. Here are the reasons. The majority if not 80% of Egyptians are haunted by the memories of USA involvement with Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq and how Mujahedeen, once helped by America, turned against America and the West. They (the Egyptians) are grieving the Alexandria church bombing of December 2010 and the threats by the new party, allegedly “…democratically elected” [politically imposed] with no public retribution by the Secretary of State and the President of USA, President Obama, to the suffering of both the vast Muslim Egyptian liberals (around thirty million) and the hurting Egyptian Christians, (Another twenty-five million according to the Egyptian Papal figures) and a further six and a half million Christians who fled their homeland to the west. To top it, more than half of the remaining twenty-eight million in favor of the [imposed] new ruling party is either misled and illiterate or an unrepresentative cluster of the polling samples. They can neither read nor comprehend what is being presented by all parties; let alone  how easily influenced they could be by fictitious promises for values and return to God.

And the American people did not have a chance to feel the pain and suffering of liberal Muslim and Christian Egyptians (a good sixty-five million) because the American media coverage did not stretch its coverage to include the recent suffering of Egyptians and Egyptian Christians nor that of the narrow-mindedness of a few who use religion to entice fanatics at the detriment of centuries of heritage and thousand of lives, churches and cultural sites of Egypt. To top it, Secretary Clinton (and others) stood in Tahrir Square in Cairo, in early 2011 and witnessed the killing of Egyptians but applauded the revolution… so maybe they can tolerate some tomatoes and potatoes.

Alexandria Ramleh Beach Panorama (Nicopolis, AD 30)

Secretary Clinton and President Obama, I plead you not to undermine the Egyptians or to intervene to help them understand; Egypt is seven thousand years old and character is engraved in its people, their roots and branches. Egyptians have suffered a lot because of such extremist thought, let alone colonialism and the tripartite aggression of 1956 with USA standing still (had it not been for the Hon. Lester B. Pearson of Canada who saved a catastrophe; God bless his soul). Egyptians love Americans and they count on your leadership. It doesn't take much to open your hearts. Let us not anger God; the halls of Egyptian martyrs are far too crowded; and the intellectually curious women of Egypt are far to eager to flourish, than to condone this undemocratically elected narrow minded party which you endorse and support. How can you do this to your friends... really? You have just compromised millions of Egyptian Christians and Egyptian Muslim liberals by condoning the oppressors; you handed the grieving Egyptians to their assailers! And this new party, together with its worldwide allies (a number of which are in the Middle East) is but an ax about to break the fragile social cohesion of the majority of Egyptians who respect each other's faiths. As if demolishing dictatorship was truly, only, attributable to the unconstitutional impeaching of President Mubarak and not the unconstitutionally forcing of his substitute, the threats of his party or the silence of its worldwide partners!

And, oh, world media, God bless you; please stretch your vision… Maybe you can make a difference and put an end to unwanted religious hate and uncontrollable slaughtering of Egyptians (of all faiths) and heritage! They have burnt thousands of Egyptian churches across the centuries, and promised to do so, again, in some cities (though with no declared intentions of killing), let alone abolishing freedom of thought and destruction of heritage and cultural and scientific Egyptian relics.

If the Secretary of State and the present President of USA are proven to be aware of the Egyptian suffering while continuing to condone this imposed party, they may want to cede governing the great and kind people of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and John F. Kennedy to a new capable administration. It they did not know about it, it is grave! Very grave! Personally, let alone the “disrespectful” rotten tomatoes and potatoes, I want to apologize to the families of the bereaved Egyptians on behalf of Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama because they have failed to court you in your grief and chosen to add insults to your injuries, rather than taking a stand! 

...I pray for you, oh casualties of cultural, religious hate and world corporate greed.

Rafik Baladi

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